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Performance Auto Sound is one of the best local stores to bring your car or truck for heated seat installation.  Heated seats are a very useful addition to any vehicle in Washington, especially during the winter months.  Having heated seats allows each of your passengers the benefit of their own personal climate control, without opening a window or blasting hot air throughout the car or truck cabin.  It is a fact that when your core body is warm, your whole body is warm, so heated seats are the best way to keep toasty in any weather.  Having heated seats also allows you to get warmed quickly in your car as heated seats only take two to three minutes to warm, while car heat can take up to ten minutes to warm in the coldest weather!  That means within minutes your body will have 110 degrees of heat available for your body while pulling out of the driveway!

Heated seats come with many different options, like dual- or triple-settings, so you can adjust the temperature on the heated seats to be as low or high as needed.  There are also varieties that offer lower back and bottom heating, so both sections of your body are treated with a warm dose of heat.  Your car can also have separate seat heating, so each passenger has their own heated seat setting.

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The benefit to coming to Performance Auto Sound for your heated seat installation is that we carry the largest variety of up-to-date technology available, so we’ll make sure we have the correct fitting heated seat for your make and model vehicle.  Also, because we carry the best selection of inventory, we can also match any budget, leaving you more incentive to get those extra vehicle luxuries you thought were only a dream for a future car.  Our technicians are highly experienced in all the newest technology and take every step of each installation seriously, providing you with the best product on the market for your vehicle.  Our team will walk you through how to use each installation and care for it, too, so your investment lasts and works in peak condition over the years.

We strive for the best and most personal customer service in the business.  We want all your questions answered at any of our locations, so we hire the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians who are willing to dive in and provide you with the answers you need to make an informed purchase.  Our teams work together to provide quality service for you!

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Performance Auto Sound has many store locations in Southeast Washington: Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Yakima, Moses Lake, and Kennewick.  These locations cover a wide space in around the lakes and rivers in Washington and is sure to help you with all your car, truck, marine, or all-terrain vehicle needs.  Washington is the best state for outdoor adventures and your vehicle should provide the best opportunities for your time on the road or water.  Stop into one of these locations today to get the best installation service for your vehicle!