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In today’s past-faced world it is all too easy to make your life a bit more simple.  Check-lists can be made in an app, phones can check e-mail instantly, conversations can be held via online video services, and cars can be opened without keys!  If you’re the one in the parking lot that continues to fumble with finding keys in your purse or pockets, you need to get an installation that allows you keyless entry to your car.  Today you can get a key fob that has a button on it to unlock your car or you can get your smart phone to unlock your car, too!

With your installed keyless entry system you can:

  • lock your car from a distance
  • unlock the driver side from a distance
  • unlock your passengers doors from a distance
  • unlock your trunk from a distance

Keyless entry systems can also coincide with a remote car starter, allowing you to start your car from the warmth of your home or the store.  A remote car starter comes with a unique safety feature, which automatically turns off within ten minutes, eliminating a waste of fuel in your car, but leaving it night and warmed up for your drive.  In the cold Washington winters there is absolutely no reason why any car owner shouldn’t have a keyless entry system and a remote car starter installed in their car!  When the car has time to warm up before being driven, the engine oil warms up and lubricates the engine, allowing the engine to drive smoothly right out of the driveway.

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Also, Performance Auto Sound has the technological knowledge to make your smart phone compatible with your car or truck so it can also remotely start or lock/unlock it!  Imagine how amazing it would be to use your phone for calls, internet, locking and starting your car!  iphones, Droid phones, and other smart phones can easily be used to start your car with a remote car starter installation collaborating with your phone.  A remote car starter is a great piece of technology to have at the end of a long day at work or after a light snow coats the car.  A warm car has very little or no  ice stuck to the windshield, so there will be no more laboring to remove ice before driving for you once your remote car starter is installed!

At Performance Auto Sound we strive for the best and most personal customer service in the business.  We want to address all of your questions and will do our best to answer all of your questions at any of our locations.  We hire only the most knowledgeable and best-trained technicians who are willing to dive in to the technical and provide you with the answers you need to make an informed purchase for your vehicle.  Our teams work together to provide quality service for you and your car, truck, or boat.

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Performance Auto Sound has many store locations in Southeast Washington: Wenatchee, Walla Walla, Yakima, Moses Lake, and Kennewick.  These locations cover a wide space around the lakes and rivers in Washington and is sure to help you with all your car, truck, marine, or all-terrain vehicle needs.  Washington is the best state for outdoor adventures and your vehicle should provide the best opportunities for your time on the road or water.  Let us make your life easier and have us install a remote car starter today.  Stop into one of these locations today to get the best installation service for your vehicle!